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No really. Please stop laughing. I do. I’m just not very good at it. Or I’m TOO good and end up having a way too complicated system. And the rest of the time the non-Tracy’s involved muddle it all up and it reverts to the stick-it-in-a-drawer/cupboard/box system.

A few Sundays ago I got to thinking on how I want to organise my postcards swapped through Postcrossing. As with such issues, I turn to the internet for solutions… and started… oh yes…another blog. Tracy’s Online Postcard Database. – until I can think up a new, zany, catchy, hip name, this one will have to do. On this blog every entry will be a single card, categorised by country and tagged by anything else, posted title will be the card ID.This means I’ll be able to file the cards alphabetically physically in a box; the online database making searching for one a LOT easier. Or so I hope.

I’m choosing to ignore the fact that I already have an online wall at Postcrossing

I’m using one of the photoblog themes, Duotone. The site will change colour to match the card. How cool is that! You can also only view the latest post on the main page. I cluttered the bottom widget are a bit… cause I can.

I’ve been busy uploading my cards in no particular order – as I take them off my display wall actually. Like I mentioned, every card is a seperate entry, no text or blub, just the card (some of them even bad quality, but that was before I plugged in fixed my scanner). The posts are all scheduled to post a new one or two every day.Thechnically you HAVE sen all the cards cause of Post Crossing Thursday, but this is more my own filing project… and I thought I’d share.

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Henk was getting annoyed with my stuff taking up all the space on the dining room table. My maid was getting annoyed. And eventually I was getting annoyed too.

I had a plan of where to have my little messy-crafty corner in our new house (that still needs building) but no solution for right now. Until last night. It finally hit me and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before – oh yes, I know, we had a houseguest/lodger in the guest room – THAT’s why.

There is a small table in the guest room. There are a bunch of Henk’s magazines on it and my Art of Knitting subscription folders. Well, there WAS. They are now hidden and neatly stacked in the guest room closet.

This table has a history I tell you. Henk used it as a study desk while at tech. For a year or two it was our kitchen table. Then we moved into this HUGE house in Lutzville… that didn’t have a stove, so it became the gas hob table. The Lili came along (and we had moved again) and it became her changing table. I had even bought some clear vinyl or PVC or some plastic sheeting to tack to the table so bath-time won’t ruin it. Never got round to doing that, and somehow I misplaced that roll of PVC. Until last night. I fished it out from Lili’s closet where I saw it when sorting our and packing away her small clothes the other day. (Yes, we had move to another house by then… do you see a pattern forming? I swear if I connect the dots to all the places I’ve lived, it would mostly likely spell a very rude word in Swahili)

So I tacked (yes, with thumb tacks) the PVC to the table (yes, a solid pine table – I bent around 7 tacks before I got in the groove * snicker *). Moved (there’s that word again) all my crafty mess from the dining room into the guest room. All the while with Lili waving and yelling Bye every time I left the room to fetch more stuff. I have a lot of stuff.

Another light-bulb moment (I’m sure I had more than my share last night) and I fish out the supply of unprinted newspaper paper from under Lili’s bed (I got it so that I can custom make Christmas wrapping paper for the family; you know, get Lili to scrawl a bit, the cats to print some paw prints etc) and stuck it to the walls around my new crafty corner, just in case it gets too messy.

Ta-daaa! The shirt over the chair is my messy-mess-a-lot shirt. The plastic bags are for rubbish on the right, and still sorting out the contents of the one on the left. The pic came out really funny cause it was taken at night. It’s almost full on winter this side so I leave in the mornings and it’s almost dark, and I get home in the evenings and it’s almost dark.

Just a close-up of the table. Not room to move, but at least it’s not out in the living area anymore. Getting there!

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