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Resident Cat

This is TB (or Tazz, or kitsie), our new resident cat. Two days ago some kids brought him (we hope it’s male – three of us inspected and ventured an uneducated guess – I’ve only ever owned female cats) to my colleague’s flat and left him in the parking lot. One the way to work my colleague heard a funny noise coming from the engine. Turns out the cat had climbed up from under the car for a night snooze.

At work, short-arm-me delved around under the bonnet and untangled little TB from the depths or the Toyota Tazz. Always resourceful (I swear we can serve 3 course meals for 3 days on our lab’s kitchen content) we fed him some runny Pronutro and weak watery milk. Poor thing was famished and wolfed it all down. Now we needed to find him a home. Phoned around a bit and the local DBV said (in so many words) that if they took him in, they would have him put out (read killed). I phoned around a bit more.

X-ray neighbour lady across the road said that she’s been thinking of getting another cat since hers had passed away. Only catch is that she can’t have it at work until 5pm, would we mind minding it. Just as I assured her that we’ll keep him until home-time, TB made a bee-line for the hospital courtyard (Our lab is on the same premises), and of course the yard is fenced off – by 5 metre high fences – 2 of them.

TB the kitten didn’t come back when he got hungry; we left him some food and water out at the same spot we originally fed him. This morning still no TB. X-ray lady’s husband was more upset about losing their new per than his wife – felt really bad that I let him slip through.

The new hospital doctor called around teatime asking if we wanted a cat. Ecstatic, my colleague relayed the story and asked her to bring the kitten over. Turns out one of the patients had the kitten and promptly handed it over to the doctor while she was doing rounds. Trying to find it a home, she had some adventures of her own including ice-cream bowl full of cat pellets strewn on the floor and 2 lacerated thumbs, one belonging to the office’s occupant – TB was very hungry. 2 tetanus shots later, and the cat was back at the lab, this time inside the lab. Pesky was trying to sneak in so much anyway.

At the moment he’s content playing with toes and chasing after timer strings. His new owner will fetch him this afternoon: Now to avoid anyone stepping on him, getting stuck behind the incubator or growing an extra tail.


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Mollie has Puppies!

When allowed in the house, Mollie follows me around like a shadow. Not last night though. She settled onto the couch and just stared at me while I prepared dinner – Henk’s been working late nowadays. I tried to work out her due date, and it was supposed to be last week Thursday’ish, so now I’m wary of any labour signs in her.
She moaned a bit and her breathing was quite rapid, so I got her bed and blanky from outside and put her in bed on the floor. When Henk came home, she didn’t even budge. THAT’s when I knew – dis nou sulke tyd.

Henk put her outside in the courtyard (where she always sleeps at night) so that at least she’s in a familiar environment.
I heard her whine and cry a bit while I got ready for bed, but nothing was out of the ordinary. I woke at 1am to some funny scratching coming from outside. It sounded like Mollie was scratching a cardboard box – perhaps even trying to dig into it. At 2am I woke again to the same noise, ditto 3am, ditto 4am. Just after 5, when Henk got up, Mollie rushed in and greeted me, but her babies were still safe in her tummy.
6:15 my alarm goes off and I hear meep, meep, meep coming from outside. Puppies!!
There was only one puppy and I could at least tell who its daddy is. There were 2 possible daddy candidates, and it looks like the fox terrier won 😉
Then I noticed what al the commotion was during the night. Mollie was nesting… just like us humans. She had shredded a cardboard box and placed the scraps around her bed. Also next to her bed was Rammie, her sheep soft toy; and inside her bed was her pink squeaker and purple chew toy; All her favourite things. It was too cute for words. It’s like she was getting her bed ready for the new pups with toys that she played with since SHE was a puppy.
By the time I left for work there were already 3 puppies. Can’t wait to get home and see the rest.

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