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Categorically and unequivocally I can answer that as: “… my Soul mate”, and any derivative thereof. I want to bash my head against the wall when I read that. I want to Xerox my eyeballs to burn away the text. I want to huddle up in a little ball and weep for the poor sod who wrote that. (Did I use enough cliché to describe my pet hate?)

Seriously you know, I get it. I get that the person you are describing is special, and I trust that you love him/her. But it has been used and misused so much that (to me) it has lost that little bit of divine innocence. Think about the actual meaning of Soul Mate. In a time before you became flesh-and-bone human you were just a soul in the ethos. But you had a friend, a maatjie. And this friendship was probably more of a partnership of truth and beauty because all of the humanity surrounding earthly relationships was absent. And now, against all odds of time and space and 6 billion people, you managed to find YOUR soul mate: same age as you, same town as you, heck online at the same time as you if you will, and as it works out you get to belong to each other now… on earth… souls inhabiting bodies. It can be beautiful, and it probably is. But it’s been tarnished. Its gone mainstream and every love struck romance novel, movie and twitter feed is spewing Soul Mate. It became cliché.

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I nearly missed the very first day of NaBloPoMo. Ok, so I DID miss it, entirely. It wasn’t my intention. I had this nice welcoming post planned… and now have to change it to an apology.

You know, strike that. I’m turning it into a Plinky prompt: What is the best compliment you’ve gotten recently:

I got one this morning while shopping at Walton’s stationary. The guy from Telkom. I didn’t even notice it was a compliment until I saw his seven dwarf imitation of Bashful. I was touched. I had the glowing moodlet and everything.

I was a wee bit early (they only open at 8:30), but they let me in anyway. I needed a stapler, staples, small dot labels and some pens.  I was waiting at the counter to pay. A Telkom technician was trying to explain to the ladies how to reset their phone. That’s when one of the women sees me, or at least my cerise pink top. ”What a pretty top, and look it has cute little flowers on the shoulder.” She turns away and the guy says to me “Tell her it’s only pretty ladies who can wear a pretty top like that”. I blurted out a reflex reply that I will tell her, when I realized what he meant.

I left the shop all smiles; it made my day.

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