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No really. Please stop laughing. I do. I’m just not very good at it. Or I’m TOO good and end up having a way too complicated system. And the rest of the time the non-Tracy’s involved muddle it all up and it reverts to the stick-it-in-a-drawer/cupboard/box system.

A few Sundays ago I got to thinking on how I want to organise my postcards swapped through Postcrossing. As with such issues, I turn to the internet for solutions… and started… oh yes…another blog. Tracy’s Online Postcard Database. – until I can think up a new, zany, catchy, hip name, this one will have to do. On this blog every entry will be a single card, categorised by country and tagged by anything else, posted title will be the card ID.This means I’ll be able to file the cards alphabetically physically in a box; the online database making searching for one a LOT easier. Or so I hope.

I’m choosing to ignore the fact that I already have an online wall at Postcrossing

I’m using one of the photoblog themes, Duotone. The site will change colour to match the card. How cool is that! You can also only view the latest post on the main page. I cluttered the bottom widget are a bit… cause I can.

I’ve been busy uploading my cards in no particular order – as I take them off my display wall actually. Like I mentioned, every card is a seperate entry, no text or blub, just the card (some of them even bad quality, but that was before I plugged in fixed my scanner). The posts are all scheduled to post a new one or two every day.Thechnically you HAVE sen all the cards cause of Post Crossing Thursday, but this is more my own filing project… and I thought I’d share.

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It’s Thursday again; the eve of the kickoff to the FIFA 2010 Soccer world cup! And I also have 3 lovely postcards to share with you.

ES-77373 from Spain


This one came from Spain. I was instrigued by the castle at the harbour mouth since it resembles our own in Cape Town. (First time I saw ours I realised that not all castles look like the Disney ones 🙂 ). This is The Castle of San AntĂłn (Castillo de San AntĂłn) in Coruña. This old fortress was built between the 16th and the 17th century, in a small island of the Bay of La Coruña, to defend the city against attacks coming from the sea. During the English assault by Francis Drake in 1589, the castle effectively served to defend the entrance to the city.

JP-109784 rom Japan


This is Himjei Castle; In 1992 Himeji Castle was recognised by UNESCO as a building of world significance and was added to the World Heritage list. Himeji Castle is an excellent example of  a Japanese castle with its  traditional wooden architecture and its stone walls with their white plastered walls have been well maintained. In 1333 Norimura Akamatsu, the ruler of Harima District, built a fort where the Himeji Castle now stands. ln 1346 his son, Sadanori further expanded the fort.In the 16th century the fort was removed and a three story castle was built in its place by Hideyoshi Hasiba. This is the basic structure that is seen today.

This is my second UNESCO world heritage site card!

DE-610037 from Germany


Now I finally know what to call this style: German Rococo Architexture. This is Sanssouci Palace (without worries) in Berlin. In 1744, King Friedrich II – later known as Friedrich the Great, commissioned architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff to build a summer palace.

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Bit of a rush today. Received these 3 lovelies this week. Had a head scratch moment at the cat card, but then I remembered that I updated my profile that I LOOOOOVE kitties.

And since no month is complete with at least 5 cards from Finland 😉 I’ve updated that I would like some Grannies cards by Inge Löök (Of course I had to receive this one first to decide that I actually wanted to start collecting them) I think they’re cute, but their joke might be wasted on me… still trying to figure this one out 😕

Happy Postcrossing!

NL-379719 from Netherlands

DE-597036 From Germany

FI-810012 From Finland

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Find previous Last Pic Taken Sunday Entries .

LaPicTakSunScroll through your camera phone or digital camera, find the last pic you took – doesn’t matter what it was or how blurry or how random – Post it on your blog, and leave a link to it in this post’s comment section. I’ll stop by and check out your Last Pic Taken!

Play along, grab a button. Copy the code below and paste netso (as is) 🙂

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Here’s mine for this week:

My Real Wall with Postcrossing Postcards

Waaaaay back when I started Postcrossing I made a Real Wall for all the postcards I will be receiveing. And it’s nearly filled up!

Now I have to decide how I’m going to store and sort them all. Maybe get some filing boxes at Clicks, and sort them by country. Don’t know yet.
Any suggestions?

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It was a week for firsts regarding Postcrossing.Firstly, I actually have a ranking! It may be the lowerst one (cause I’ve been neglecting this hobby for a few months – but I’m right back in it!). . Then I got my first ever hand-made card (below) from Taiwan; and lastly I got my first ever card in stead of postcard – and I love it cause it has a mermaid on it (waa-ay below).

TW-146048 From Taiwan

From Taiwan. The from tof the card means Spring. She writes when it is Taiwan New Year they paste theseup as çouplets’, then the meaning is ‘The whole year’s work depends on a good start in Spring.’ Lovely isn’t it!

BY-59884 - from Belarus

My first card from Belarus!

The card shows some typical landscapes and the sanctuary of Budslav, one of the most well-know Catholic pilgrimage places of Belarus.

RU-150386 From Russia

My scanner doesn’t do this card justice – it has all these lovely sparkles on.

I prefer not receiveing cards as such, but this one makes up for it cause it”s a mermaid. I love mermaids. When I was a little girl I wanted to be one (or have one as a friend). I used to doodle them in margins too 😉

Irina writes that she lives in Siberia – and reassures me that polar bears don’t roam their streets, and they don’t drink vodka every day. {I know exactly what she means – sometimes I still have to explain that we don’t have lion in the backyard, and tigers aren’t naturally from Africa anyway… oh, and we have internet too}

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FI-796755 back

From Finland! Hanna sent this nature card of saimaa ringed seals. Unlike most other ringed seal species, Saimaa seals are found only in freshwater. Female Saimaa seals build lairs in snowdrifts near the shoreline rocks of the lake during breeding season.  Saimaa seal only exists in the Saimaa Lake system of eastern Finland, with only 270 individuals remaining in the wild.


US-678129 back

My first UNESCO world Heritage site card! Thank you Dana. This is Toas Pueblo in New Mexico. The multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years.



DE-580867 back

Annika sent this card from Germany. She writes that she has just started this Postcrossing hobby and hasn’t received a card back yet. Not to worry, you should be receiveing cards from all over the world real soon! In South Africa we also have a Hannover! I’m intrigued by the flower stamp on the back, the TrĂ€nende Herz {bleeding heart}. I thought it might have been Germany’s national flower, but according to this expert, Germany has no national flower.

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AR - 4329

This postcard is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The picture is of the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de BelĂ©n {Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem}. Bad little blogger me didn’t hunt too long for info on the church… and most of what I found is in spanish. Google translate can only do SO much with syntax.

Funnily enough, this card made me so homesick. You see, when I was little we lived in Santiago, ChilĂ©, for 4 years. That’s long enough to integrate a lot of another country’s culture into your own. Milagros mentions empanadas on the back of the card. My mom makes the best empanadas, even though she’s South African.  Basically it’s a baked halfmoon shaped pastry with meat, cheese, seafood or even fruit filling. My favourite is my mom’s secret meat recipe. Reminds me to get it from her so I can make some.

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