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I didn’t know how else to translate the title… The Loose Days sounds like bowel irritation. Anyhow, I’m married to a Namakwalander (Namaqualander) (‘n klong affie plaas). With him came his family (whom I love) and whole new dialect of Afrikaans (that I’m still trying to understand) and a few superstitions of the kontrei; My favourite of is the one about the Los Dae. Some older people believe that the first 12 days of January are representative of the next 12 months. In other words, if it rains on the 2nd, February will be fairly wet. Some even believe that the amount of rain on specific days is directly proportional to the corresponding month’s rainfall. We live in Lutzville and have a winter rainy season. Most of the rest of South Africa experience a summer rainy Season. Here’s my prediction so far for my patch of the Western Cape:January – hotFebruary – hotterMarch – hotApril – mildly hotMay – There was a fog bank over the atlantic… hope this means we’ll have a few showers (30% rain from weather forecast)June – Rainy early in the month (60% rain from the weather forecast)

July – Rainy (Didn’t hear the forecast, but it rained lekker that morning)

August – Hot and windy

September – Very hot and Windy My mom was also skeptical when she first heard this. Anyway she wrote down the daily weather conditions for the 12 days. And it predicted the weather for the next 12 months… generally. For the past 3 years now she’s been keeping record. I think she’s a believer now. I’m interested on how global warming might influence this phenomenon. Watch this space.

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