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This is it. It’s finally sinking in – There’s NO turning back now. Baby is coming and there’s nothing I can do about it. If I was ever in denial, that time has passed.

Also, now realization dawns on how much I still have to do to get ready for baby. And then the anxiety creeps up again.
The major one is: Will she still be a girl? I’ve heard of a few moms who had prepared for a girl, because the sonar said so, and they were pleasantly(?) surprised at the extra umbilical cord.
Other major ones: Will I do stuff right? This question covers everything form feeding, burping, changing nappy, even dressing baby. <shudders>

I’m officially at home now. Maternity leave should have only started on 1 September. I was going to be tough and work as long as possible so that I have longer time with baby. I got a wakeup call on Friday 1 August. Blood pressure is high – so my doc puts me on meds. My blood pressure stays high and there’s trace protein in my urine. Next thing I know, she’s waving a sick note under my nose and telling instructing me to go home immediately and just to come in daily to have bp monitored. The sick note reads pre-eclampsia. I had to dust off my old text books just to jar my memory on what this means. Hurrah for the wikki. ‘Cause my textbooks are very technical and impersonal.

I’m seeing my gynae in Cape Town on Monday. She’s going to give me a shot (something with a C) that’ll help mature baby’s lungs faster. She’s probably going to sort-of confirm my C-sec date. I’m hoping for it to be as close to 38 weeks as possible. This means that babs will be an August baby! Also, I’m not taking any chances and am packing my bags for a week’s visit in stead of just an overnight bag. I’m also taking baby’s hospital bag and the car seat and toiletries and nappies and blankies and other baby stuff – just in case.

Ja, this means a change of mindset for me. I so badly wanted a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. That dream has flown out the window. I’m really trying to be excited about the c-sec. I’m just focussing on the fact that I’ll have baby in my arms earlier than planned.

In the meantime, someone still has to do the laundry.

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Week 32 already!? Gosh. Feels like yesterday when I pee’ed on a stick.
So we went to meet my gynae about 2 weeks ago. She verified my date… sort of. Just so that we can have a vague idea of when to expect baby: due date is 12 September 2008. Estimated birth weight is 3.8kg. This is where I turn to henk and sing ‘Told you so, told you so, told you the Groblers are big babies’.
The Dr showed us a growth curve, and baby is sitting on the upper limit of normal. So she’s big, but not abnormally so.
During the sonar, baby winked at us. I just squeeled like a fangirl. Oh yes, and baby is still a girl. No surprises there. Not that she was shy before to show us her gender.
I officially look pregnant. You can’t make a mistake anymore. I waddle like a penguin. I sit slightly open legged – I can’t even cross my legs anymore. I’m much more aware of my back. Just lying or sitting funny will cause a jab of pain. I don’t run for anything. Not the phone, not the CEO holding the line, not for an elevator, nothing. Henk mocks me when I get up from a chair or the couch – he asks whether I’m in gear yet. Sit hom in rat liefie. And I still suffer from Preggy Brain. Will that ever go away?

I can’t see my feet so lekker, and can barely reach them. Henk’s on tying-shoe-laces and back-rub duty. I still have trouble brushing my teeth. I get a gag reflex after about a minute. The secret is not to think about it, but how can you NOT think about doing something, when you’re doing it?! So I stand there with foam coming out of my mouth, eyes closed, feverously brushing, a frown on my forehead from concentrating on what I’m going to do with Mollie’s puppies – and then it hits me. Spit in the basin, rinse mouth for what it’s worth… I’ll try again later.
A plus is that my leg cramps are better. I can’t actually remember the last time I woke up form one… last week maybe. Just glad that’s over.
Going for my second last antenatal class on Thursday – we doing’ How to bath a baby’. Don’t laugh, ‘cause I haven’t got a clue. I’m glad that I have class with Estelle. A friend of mine recently had a baby girl (2 weeks ago); she also went to antenatal classes, but it sounds like they concentrated more on exercises. They didn’t even cover breastfeeding. At least the sister at the clinic could give her some good advice.

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So I found a lady who does antenatal classes in Vredendal! I’m really excited. I thought that I would miss out on that experience because we live on the platteland.
Mind you, the price is also from the platteland. I read on a forum that some classes are between R600 and R800, then it varies between 6 to 8 classes.
Mine are for 7 days at R450, and reclaimable from medical aid! That’s all I want to hear nowadays, that I can claim something from my medical aid. The closer my due date gets, the more expensive this little miracle gets. Lol. She has started with a class already, but are taking a 2 week break ‘cause one of the mommy’s is on leave. There are only 2 women in the class. So she’s seeing me solo tonight and next Tuesday, then next Thursday I will be joining wit the other two and we’ll be 3 in the class… and 1 daddy. Henk won’t be able to make it though, since it starts at 17:30, and he only gets off work then anyways.

Oh ja, I found this great forum for mothers of all types and ages. From planning your pregnancy right through to the tweens. I’m mostly in the pregnancy general threads. Also, the forum is pretty big. You can ask any question, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll get an answer within the hour; And quite a few answers by the next day.
I’m so used to lurking American forums that I don’t expect immediate response, but I am enjoying the Mommy forum. I also find that a lot of women are asking the same questions as me, or are experiencing exactly what I am, or had been through a few months back. It gives a great sense of support.

This weekend I heard that My Chemical Romance are coming to South Africa. They will be playing at the 2009 CokeFest. I am seeking a baby sitter already. I want Golden Circle tickets. I will use coupons for the next 20 years just so I can save enough money for that concert. Enough said. I’ll be there. Even if baby has to be in a papoose (kangaroo pouch thingy) around my shoulders with earplugs – I will be there.

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Ja, so I’m back from leave. Was in Capetown for a week, camping out on Glen and Maryke’s comfy couch, trying to keep Mariño from slobbering me to death. This also means that I was unplugged from my computer for more than a week. We had a very short working week (only 2 days) and thus spent 5 days on the farm. At least there was GPRS, so I could basically just observe.

Anyway, so we went for an official detailed sonar at a sonographer (Seriously, that’s what the card said). Think I was at 20 weeks or 21 weeks. Looks like baby-girl is healthy; alive-and-kicking. I was worried about her having a clump foot since I was born with one that was successfully corrected by surgery. My uncle was also born with one, but I think he only needed physiotherapy. Turn out that I have a new due date: 6 September 2008. I told the Dr that my LMP date was accurate to ± 2 days… not 2 weeks. She re-measured baby’s thigh bone, head and abdomen… date is still 6 September. So I told Henk in my humble semi-scientific opinion that baby will probably still be born round about middle September, but she’ll just be very big. I keep on saying that us Groblers are big babies; Oupa Gert said that he remembers his mom saying he weighed something between 12 and 14 pounds. I was 9 pounds myself. So Henk’s argument is that The Grobler line is so watered down that the weight factor is irrelevant, and baby-girl will be pure Namakwalander. Typical proud Daddy-to-be. Gotta love him.

So here’s the latest pic of baby-girl. (I love sonar pics)

Baby Girl

She’s kicking up a storm in my tummy. Can’t feel it from the outside yet though. That’ll probably change soon.  😉

Also, her name is a secret until birth. Not even the Grannies know what it is. Not that they’re not hinting. Feel free to leave suggestions if you have any. So far, my mind is set on what I have.

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Upside the head

That’s what I’ll do to the next person that asks me: “Already?” – I’ll smack them upside the head.

An acquaintance asked me how I was feeling (this was about 2 months ago), so I replied that I was feeling nauseous. Already? I wanted to smack her upside the head. Yes, already. I have a right to feel woozy if my body is not used to being pumped full of hormones.
Another friend asked me how I was feeling. I told her that my boobs were tender and I swear that my areolas had gotten bigger. Already? Smack.
Now, when people ask me how far I am in my pregnancy, I reply 16 weeks. They ask if I’ve felt the baby kicking yet. No. Not Yet? Smack you too.

Here’s a morsel of advice to all new mothers out there. ALL pregnancies are different. The fundamentals stay the same, but your mileage may vary. Some might be lucky never to experience morning sickness; others give new meaning to projectile vomiting. Some experience headaches, others suddenly have low blood pressure.

All I’m saying is: you can’t stop other people giving you advice on how to handle or what to expect during your pregnancy – but you can choose what to believe and what to file under miscellaneous.

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Grandparents are very special people. Newly grandparents even more so. I must say that my Mom has made the transition from merely parent to Grand quite gracefully. She’ll phone me up and ask whether I’ll be using disposable or cloth nappies. Disposable! Our water supply is questionable, and I’m thinking practically. But I added that I am planning on using towel nappies for the drools and burps and 101 other uses. (Here is where the core of her phone call cam in) A friend of hers had bought a sewing machine that can embroider and she wants to practice a bit. My unborn child’s urp napkin will be the guinea pig to 3 colour giraffes. Later on she asks if I’ll be using a bottle sterilizer. (a what – I call it steam and chemicals myself) NO, no this is a device that (either goes into or is a microwave) microwaves the bottles sterile in about 6 minutes. Go ahead Mom, buy it. Please.
My Dad also eased into this new state. He hasn’t asked any if the usual questions directly, just ‘How are you standing?’ I still am, if that’s what he means? Still, you gotta love him. If it isn’t completely medical or you can’t plug it into your USB, he’s pretty much a bit clueless (Love ya Hugo!).
I think the in laws are still a bit in shock. Then again they’re the typical other Namakwalanders. Some may argue and say there’s only 1 type – wrong. After living among them a bit, I have narrowed it to two main categories: the load bombastic Vredendal-Matzikama type; and the rest of the northern part of the Western Cape type.

Then there are everyone’s opinions on what is healthy during pregnancy and what not. I won’t air too much of what I adhere to. I filter all the advice, cross reference them on the internet and a few books – then make up my own mind. One of these concerns were sushi. A friend of ours took the trouble to buy all the ingredients needed for a sushi evening and rocked up at my house last night. Henk doesn’t eat it (He doesn’t like the rice – kan jy dit glo. Niks met die vis te doen nie), and his girlfriend was away and solo sushi isn’t fun. Plus he’s never made it before and I promised that if he can get me fresh salmon, I’ll get out my bamboo mat.
I hit the internet and googled ‘Sushi during pregnancy’. I didn’t trust our Health minister’s opinion since the media has a way of distorting her words out of context and her speech writer (if she has one) needs a thesaurus. Finally settled on the NRDC findings about mercury levels in fish (Salmon has 0 parts per million [for what given value to parts?] ). Also we won’t be eating prawns, yellowtail, tuna or eel – I deemed the salmon safe. Here are the pics. I also tried my hand at California rolls. My maki didn’t look too bad either. I almost scoffed half the bottle of pickled ginger. I just love the stuff, and the wasabi he got would clear up your sinuses – permanently.

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My non-pregnant, engaged, semi-yuppie (love ya!), corporate, fashion guru friend told me that I was suffering from Preggy-Brain. This is a clinically proven medical condition. (Since when is toothpaste clinically proven? Should my tampons also be? What about my steak? Heck, prove the petrol too why don’t you). Due to the surplus in hormones during pregnancy. I’ll also experience pimple breakouts… again. It’s like being 14 again. The PMS/T is worse, my cravings are worse, my zits bigger. Although I am looking forward to an increase in breast size. I know Henk is too. 😉

So I’m in my 9th week of pregnancy. Here’s baby’s first photo – smile honey!


Ja, so , Preggy-Brain. I was hoping not to be the typical expecting mother, since I’m not the typical wife and wasn’t the typical bride etc. Too bad. Nature decided to follow the textbook this time round. I don’t mind in general, except for today. I forgot my food at home. Not just breakfast or lunch or my yogi. My whole food supply for the day: Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, and emergency cream crackers. Dalene came to the rescue! She is so good to me. She drove home and made me a sarmie and brought some grapes too. My house is a bit further (try the next town) and also finances are a bit low this month for me (try non-existent). My medical aid was deducted TWICE and I’m still on the phone with the man. So extra trips home for my left-over pasta-mince-and-peas do not count as an emergency. At least Henk doesn’t have to worry about lunch now.

Another Preggy-Brain thing. My fingers have gone all stupid on me. I used to be pretty good at typing; not in the classical sense of having had classes, but in the everyday sense that you pick up from working at a computer most of your day. The typos that I make nowadays are insane. I’m too embarrassed to chat on to msn ‘cause there’s no proof-reader.

Have you mothers noticed how your brain spontaneously shuts down? Yes, the smell sense is super but my memory is kapoot. I forget words, people’s names, place names, which town I live in. And that was before Henk knocked me up. Now, I’m just happy I can find my car in the mornings. Heck, I’m happy if I can remember what day it is and not rush off to the lab on a Sunday morning.

Naw, it’s not all that bad. I’m reading this great book: the Best Friends’ Guide to Pregnancy. It makes me laugh, cry and go hmmmm, that explains a lot…

Stay tuned for more neurotic ramblings.

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