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Good news!

We’ve been a bit quiet this week, due to good reason. We found a new house to stay in. (thank goodness)
We also found out that I’m pregnant. Don’t know the exact date yet. I did the screening test, and it was positive. So I skipped over to my private colleagues and they did a quant for me. Looks like I’m about 5 weeks… almost 6 weeks now (since some time has passed). This all happened Monday 14’th Jan. I couldn’t stop smiling. Henk has been visiting me at work everyday since.
Going to the doctor’s on Monday 21st Jan to confirm and work out my gynae options etc.

Our parents were so funny when we phoned them. (They didn’t know we were officially planning children yet. We didn’t want to tell them because they’ve been nagging for grandkids since Henk and I got married.) They kept on asking if a doctor has confirmed it. The actual tests that a GP asks for when confirming a pregnancy – I ALREADY performed in my lab. It’s my job to calculate all those hormone levels. Also, this happened within 2 months after I stopped taking a contraceptive for 9 years.

I started getting nauseous yesterday. Mind you, only round about lunch time. And I have these funny little cramps on my tummy. Apparently that’s normal. Yes, I already googled pregnancy, and what to expect, and the foetus’ week by week development.
I got lent this book on pregnancy, babies and parenting for South Africans. Wow. Now I just have to wait for payday and I’ll get my copy from kalahari.net .


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