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Mollie has 5 Puppies!

Never got round to updating on Mollie’s mommy status: She eventually had 5 puppies. Not one died. And we’re still debating paternity.
There are 3 dogs and 2 bitches. One pup looks like Mollie; white with brown spots. 2 are white with brown/black ears; and 2 look like Klonkie, the Fox Terrier/Jack Russel cross on the farm (Meulsteenberg) – white with black spots. We’re keeping one of the black dogs. I just have to have Mollie fixed as soon as she’s weaned them.

Here are some pics.

click for more pics

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Mollie has Puppies!

When allowed in the house, Mollie follows me around like a shadow. Not last night though. She settled onto the couch and just stared at me while I prepared dinner – Henk’s been working late nowadays. I tried to work out her due date, and it was supposed to be last week Thursday’ish, so now I’m wary of any labour signs in her.
She moaned a bit and her breathing was quite rapid, so I got her bed and blanky from outside and put her in bed on the floor. When Henk came home, she didn’t even budge. THAT’s when I knew – dis nou sulke tyd.

Henk put her outside in the courtyard (where she always sleeps at night) so that at least she’s in a familiar environment.
I heard her whine and cry a bit while I got ready for bed, but nothing was out of the ordinary. I woke at 1am to some funny scratching coming from outside. It sounded like Mollie was scratching a cardboard box – perhaps even trying to dig into it. At 2am I woke again to the same noise, ditto 3am, ditto 4am. Just after 5, when Henk got up, Mollie rushed in and greeted me, but her babies were still safe in her tummy.
6:15 my alarm goes off and I hear meep, meep, meep coming from outside. Puppies!!
There was only one puppy and I could at least tell who its daddy is. There were 2 possible daddy candidates, and it looks like the fox terrier won 😉
Then I noticed what al the commotion was during the night. Mollie was nesting… just like us humans. She had shredded a cardboard box and placed the scraps around her bed. Also next to her bed was Rammie, her sheep soft toy; and inside her bed was her pink squeaker and purple chew toy; All her favourite things. It was too cute for words. It’s like she was getting her bed ready for the new pups with toys that she played with since SHE was a puppy.
By the time I left for work there were already 3 puppies. Can’t wait to get home and see the rest.

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