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Had a management review last week and all (most of) the lab managers from our costaj region attended. This free trip to the Mother City gave me the chance to watch Harry Potter! On the big screen! With popcorn! (We don’t have a kino here in the Platteland)

So while chilling in the meeting, one of the ladies leans over and asks me if I’m aware that there are allegations that J.K. Rowling is a satanist. I knew this to be an email hoax; but didn’t feel like defending it directly. I know this woman; used to work with her. She’s the type who recoils at the thought of having a black colour scheme for a wedding. Or *gasp* painting your nails black. Honestly, it’s just a colour (or lack there-of. God also created it)
My answer? “and Neil Diamond is a Jew, but I’m still going to his concert.”

It’s not over yet. A few hours later she tells me how her son had written a letter to Santa, but he’s changing his mind now; of course they already bought the kid the original gift. I just shook my head.

I still feel uncomfortable telling Lili about Santa. I want her to know and understand the Christian meaning of Christmas, the symbolism of the tree, and why we give gifts. And eventually the irony of the date.

So yeah, my kid will probably spoil Santa for the other kids.

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This will be a vent post.

I was in a good mood this morning – you know, ‘cause it’s Wednesday, which means V, Eastwick (read Matt Dallas) and Satisfaction on tv; it’s public holiday on Friday; and I‘ve finally decided what colour schemes I want in our new house (Country Mushroom).

But then I had to go tweet about not having anyone to pick on ‘cause my colleague is on leave. So karma sent Justin Bieber’s ugly brother. To visit my lab.

Do I come into your place of work and comment on all I see and think? No. No, really I don’t. I’ll make comments afterwards over a cup of coffee and express my disgust for the layout, the outdated OS and the fugly choice of uniform – even though I loved the colour on the wall and even asked them what it’s called (Dark Truffle) – but I won’t insult your work place. ESPECIALLY if my only exposure to your chosen profession is Hollywood’s version of it. (Seriously, the only laboratory in a movie that looked the real McCoy, was the lab in Cast Away. Yes there was a scene in a lab there. His wife managed it. Go watch it again)

So little mister I-can’t-even-say-thank-you-for-the-crepe-paper-lei-you-painstainkingly-made-for-me-a-month-ago-with-which-i-won-the-dance-competition sashays into my lab. Says ‘Weird’ about 5 times. Called me Tannie (my eye is still twitching about that one). And comments on my choice of PPE. (or lack thereof). I told him to sod off in 5 languages. I gave him the evil eye over the black rim glasses, intimidating him (I know this works cause I’ve practiced in the mirror ) “Seun!” This means boy, and is the worst insult I can give someone without them knowing that I’m insulting them. I’m passive aggressive that way. Cause he called me Tannie!

But that wasn’t all that ruined my Wednesday. It started with a phone call. From a 3rd year BSC Microbiology student’s mother. Her Mother. Called me. Looking for a job. For her daughter. 3rd Year BSC student. Right there already you lost any brownie points you might have gotten. If MY Mother had to phone companies on MY behalf looking for a job?! Pure fiction that is. Told her we don’t have any vacancies. (We really don’t!)

When I was 3rd year (yes, I’m going there), I had found not 1, but 2 jobs, had a flat and bought my first vehicle (a scooter is still a vehicle – mine was yellow and called Jaundice). My mom paid the insurance (it was an all incusive deal). When I was 3rd year I combed my own hair and wiped my own bum. When I was 3rd year I acyually said ‘I’m down with that’ during an interview, and STILL got the job.

Let me add fuel to the fire already raging in my stomach. I know this woman who has a brother. He got married now in this year. He and his wife bought a little house. This is the first time on their own for either of them. They bought a fish tank. Want to collect tropical fish. They have dinner at his mom’s house 4 times a week cause food is just so expensive. but they bought a Fish Tank. They’re going on holiday with his parents. In the same car. So that they can have minimum expenses while on holiday. But they still bought a Fish Tank. With fish.

I.Want. To. Scream. And of course I’m jealous. I would love to have dinner at my Mom’s once a week, but have to settle to seeing her once, maybe twice a year.

So ja, my Wednesday got widdled on. And I haven’t even touched my lunch yet.

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