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I felt that I needed a few changes to my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. Someof them are due to logistic reaons (lack of a better word); others are cause I have new intersts and the items were on the list in the first place and a filler. I will try and keep true to the category though i.e replace a Gaming one with a Gaming one etc.

  • 64.    Finish Rise of Legends The Vinci — first campaign changed toFinish Borderlandscause I can’t find my Rise of Legends disc, and I got this one sitting on my desktop. And Henk reckons I should play something other than Sims 2+3. This is also harder than my old goal since I don’t particularly like shooter games that much – but the graphics intrugue me and I get to play a female character too.
  • 7.    Visit Augrabiese Watervalle change to: Find 300 Geocaches(11/300); Cause there are caches there too. But the original reason I put this up there is so that we can travel more and explore our country – and since Augrabiese Watervalle is close enough for a weekend getaway, it got added. So in the spirit of still going there, I made the goal harder by saying that I/we must find 300 caches.

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This is what happens when you write posts ahead and save the drafts before finishing. I sorta lost my thread. But I made the changes; now let us see if the get completed.

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