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It’s Post It Note Tuesday again with SupahMommy!

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We’re back from our mini Holiday at my parents’ house. We took 2 days longer to get back. We broke the trip up into stops – didn’t want to be on the road so long with Amelia. Both to and fro we stayed a night (or two… or three) at Blackrock, where Henk’s sister, Riana, and her husband, Kobus, are.

It feels funny to say this, but I really missed my bed. My back was getting knotty and I was getting cranky (more so than usual), I missed home and wanted to leave the 30th already. We only left Kobus and Riana’s on the 1st.

The road wasn’t as busy as I feared it would be. A lot of people were probably waiting for the weekend before tripping back home. Glad we missed that rush. Still is a heck of a long way to travel though.

Here are a few piccies of our Christmas.

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