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We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a heart full of cheer.

Our day was very chilled.

We all went to early church service: Mom and Hugo, Ouma Alta, Henk, Amelia and I. Amelia tried to sing along and preached louder than the dominee.

Lunch was cold turkey, gammon, salads and Mom’s infamous trifle – what’s Christmas at Mom’s house without trifle.

Present wise, I think this year was a practical gift year: I got an automatic bread maker and birthday calender; Mom got a foot massager and rice cooker; Amelia got clothes and my Granny got a Robbie Williams DVD. There was also the usual chocolates and aerosol gifts, but not a pair of socks in sight, no soap on a rope – just a lot of picture frames.

All in all it was a relaxed day without too many expectations. Next year Amelia will be older and will probably invoke santa hysteria.

May you have a Happy Holiday and not overdo the stuffing.

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