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First, read this article: The Daily Maverick :: Julius Malema vs the many-headed Twitter Hydra.

Last week the ANCYL said it would lay a complaint of fraud against Twitter users purporting to be Malema, and warned that if site administrators did not act swiftly to muzzle them it would move to have Twitter shut down.

as Quoted.

I still laugh every time I read that. Then I  just shake my head. His public outbursts are cringe worthy to say the least. He borders (and crosses) on hate speech. He is an embarrassment not only to ANCYL, but to the whole country. And his superiors do NOTHING to reprimand his actions. He is not a dog, so ignoring bad behaviour isn’t going to make it go away. Taking away his toys will. Yes, we poke fun and laugh at his antics, but beware the next public election. Else it’s JZ all over again.

The league’s derision did nothing to deter the impersonators, and now Twitter users have decided to pay tribute to Malema in their own way: by changing their profile pictures to images of the firebrand leader.


So, change your twitter profile pic to one of Juju and support #JuJuFriday!


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Keeping with Building a Better Blog challenge from Up for it, I’ve followed another step.

I’m going to dip my big toe into the ocean of social networks.

My novice scope of social networking encompasses tweeting and the occasional facebook status update. I’ve seen these little icons on so many pages though. I’ve found a site that has a document with easy-peasy copy-paste wordpress friendly code for me to dissect— but I lost the link in the process – the original author was Sunburntkamel though.

Don’t worry, I won’t over use it; this is more of a journal type blog after all. Posts I feel that are more article-type, as opposed to me going off at a tangent, will get the little icons. I’ll also stick to the top three or four and a local one or two.

I narrowed it down to delicious, stumble upon, digg, twitter, reddit, facebook, muti and laaik it.
Yikes, that makes 8, right? Lets see how it goes. Will add them to the most searched pages so far.

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