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Ja, so I’m back from leave. Was in Capetown for a week, camping out on Glen and Maryke’s comfy couch, trying to keep Mariño from slobbering me to death. This also means that I was unplugged from my computer for more than a week. We had a very short working week (only 2 days) and thus spent 5 days on the farm. At least there was GPRS, so I could basically just observe.

Anyway, so we went for an official detailed sonar at a sonographer (Seriously, that’s what the card said). Think I was at 20 weeks or 21 weeks. Looks like baby-girl is healthy; alive-and-kicking. I was worried about her having a clump foot since I was born with one that was successfully corrected by surgery. My uncle was also born with one, but I think he only needed physiotherapy. Turn out that I have a new due date: 6 September 2008. I told the Dr that my LMP date was accurate to ± 2 days… not 2 weeks. She re-measured baby’s thigh bone, head and abdomen… date is still 6 September. So I told Henk in my humble semi-scientific opinion that baby will probably still be born round about middle September, but she’ll just be very big. I keep on saying that us Groblers are big babies; Oupa Gert said that he remembers his mom saying he weighed something between 12 and 14 pounds. I was 9 pounds myself. So Henk’s argument is that The Grobler line is so watered down that the weight factor is irrelevant, and baby-girl will be pure Namakwalander. Typical proud Daddy-to-be. Gotta love him.

So here’s the latest pic of baby-girl. (I love sonar pics)

Baby Girl

She’s kicking up a storm in my tummy. Can’t feel it from the outside yet though. That’ll probably change soon.  😉

Also, her name is a secret until birth. Not even the Grannies know what it is. Not that they’re not hinting. Feel free to leave suggestions if you have any. So far, my mind is set on what I have.

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