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It’s Thursday again; the eve of the kickoff to the FIFA 2010 Soccer world cup! And I also have 3 lovely postcards to share with you.

ES-77373 from Spain


This one came from Spain. I was instrigued by the castle at the harbour mouth since it resembles our own in Cape Town. (First time I saw ours I realised that not all castles look like the Disney ones 🙂 ). This is The Castle of San Antón (Castillo de San Antón) in Coruña. This old fortress was built between the 16th and the 17th century, in a small island of the Bay of La Coruña, to defend the city against attacks coming from the sea. During the English assault by Francis Drake in 1589, the castle effectively served to defend the entrance to the city.

JP-109784 rom Japan


This is Himjei Castle; In 1992 Himeji Castle was recognised by UNESCO as a building of world significance and was added to the World Heritage list. Himeji Castle is an excellent example of  a Japanese castle with its  traditional wooden architecture and its stone walls with their white plastered walls have been well maintained. In 1333 Norimura Akamatsu, the ruler of Harima District, built a fort where the Himeji Castle now stands. ln 1346 his son, Sadanori further expanded the fort.In the 16th century the fort was removed and a three story castle was built in its place by Hideyoshi Hasiba. This is the basic structure that is seen today.

This is my second UNESCO world heritage site card!

DE-610037 from Germany


Now I finally know what to call this style: German Rococo Architexture. This is Sanssouci Palace (without worries) in Berlin. In 1744, King Friedrich II – later known as Friedrich the Great, commissioned architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff to build a summer palace.

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