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As soon as you become a parent, you will come to be a Spur regular – I can almost guarantee it. Not because you want to, or that the food is superior or even for the atmosphere. Nope. You will frequent this family oasis purely because the manager doesn’t care if your tot-of-terror runs between the tables with the bottle of Spur chip sauce screaming mezzo-soprano notes.

The franchise saw a niche and filled it to overflow. They will feed your kids, entertain them, and even sing happy birthday to them. There’s a play are with trampoline, playhouse, slide, jungle gym. And if the weather turns bad – no worries – they even have indoor entertainment. The older and more dexterous kids can enjoy the console games. Bored teens can stare at the TV. All while mom and dad decide between the beef- or chicken snitzel.

And with Amelia’s arrival, we too have become regular patrons of this family dining experience. She’s a cheap age now, still too small to eat a child size portion. So I order my meat and ask for veggies. There’s usually a choice of two or three. I load up a side plate with sweet pumpkin, cheesy broccoli and little gem squash, and the two of us have our fill.

I’m still a bit wary with putting her on the trampoline. But I know she’ll jumpy-jump as soon as she gets a grip with this whole walking thing.

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