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Henk and I are both on leave, so on Monday we decided to head out to Strandfontein to hunt for our next cache.  It’s a bout 40km from us, but then again, everything is in 20km units from us 😉 We left so as to make late brunch at Doornbaai (or Doringbaai) that’s just 5km past Strandfontein.

GCZN60 is a micro cache that sits next to where the R362 runs parallel to the Sishen Saldanha railway line. The cache itself is somewhere where a road passes over the tracks.

Sishen train track going over R362

The R362 runs from Vredendal – en route  you pass underneath the Sishen railway line.

The Sishen Saldanha railway line crosses a large part of the West Coast area.
In a previous post I have some pics of when the area flooded and it shows the other side of the tracks with a sneak peak of the train.

Going under Sishen traintrack

We hunted quite a bit for this cache, lol. We were off by a few hundred meters, also, since we think we know the area pretty well, we were trying to figure out where the road actually crosses over the railwayline. Again our navigational skills were tested – hey, we are the lowest of low novices in this game 😉

Eventually we found the bridge.

Bridge over Sishen train track

And that’s when we found out what was meant by micro cahce. We hunted for what seemed like half an hour. Going over shrubs and rocks and looking in any imaginable hiding place. Before giving up for the day and concidering returning later when it wasn’t so hot anymore – badaboom – Henk finds it.

Quick log entry.

I still got to do the log entry though – but Henk’s writing is a lot neater

After replacing the cache we headed to Doornbaai for some luch and something to drink. Beautiful and typical little Westcoast dorpie. The ocean was a crisp blue with patches of turquoise.

Pop se fish cakes are delicious

This little pub/bistro/bar has the hull of a fishing boat for a porch. Fresh fish daily. Bliss.

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And now we are HOOKED!

I was following Annie and PB’s blog – it’s mainly about geocaching, but Annie posts about their animals and Postcrossing and everyday life as well. Anyhow, so it got me thinking what on earth is this all about. I mentioned it a in a flying comment to Henk, and we googled a bit, searched a bit but didn’t really get into it right away – the lingo bamboozled me completely.

Eventually, back at Annie’s, I followed some links on her blog, registered on the Geocaching site, and searched for any caches in our area. Huzzah, 4 of them are within a 20-mile radius of my home! For a rural area I was surprised to say the least. I mentioned it to Henk that there’s one at the Klawer 1-stop; where we always fill up before trekking down to Cape Town.

So it came that this Sunday past we went a-hunting. Armed with a GPS cell phone, google maps on the HTC, the correct page with converted co-ordinates on the LG Chatterbox, and a diaper bag we found our first cache!

Arguing over which rocks it could be (the clue mentions something) I stumbled around trees and after a while became self-conscious of passers by. Remembering the reason I didn’t take geography in high school I realised I was off by about 20 metres. Then I saw the clue. It all made sense. After some not-so-heavy-lifting there it was, this ordinary plastic bag, inside it an old Tupperware box. Jackpot. First thing that sprang to mind was that I couldn’t believe someone hasn’t liberated it yet.

I was ecstatic. Posed while Henk snapped a few or two (pics coming soon – Henk at business dinner at the mo and these are on his phone) and then thumbed through the entries in the logbook. While jotting down our entry this bakkie pulls over. Two guys lean out the window and holler ‘Busted!’. How cool was that! Running into another geocache team. They had found it 10 days before. I was on such a high that I didn’t even ask their names – all I know is they were from Cape Town 😉  (Turned out to be oceans247 – they emailed me after I logged the find – Thanks guys!)

Driving up the pass towards the water tank

And that’s how the bug bit us. One of the other 4 was a water tank on the Gifberg pass. Just over 20km from where we were anyway. Off we went again. By the time we started climbing the pass it was already 5pm and Amelia was getting niggly – poor sprite was hungry and wanting her bath. Always prepared I had an emergency meal in her diaper bag – sorted.

If I had driven alone I probably would have missed it. I had a picture of an actual water tank in my head – like a Jo-jo green one at least. But the water flowing from this cement ‘tank’ was cool and refreshing.

The water tank!

Even with following the clue we were stumped as to where the cache was hidden. Henk scrambled up the rock face with a broken finger and GPS in hand. Eventually he found it. Startled a little mouse in the process who decided to make his home behind the container.

Spectacular view from the pass

The view from up there is breathtakingly beautiful.

Henk searching for the cache

People that know me know that I’m not a bushwhacking kind of girl. Give me my computer, a console, smart phone etc, and I’m a happy chappy.

Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t mind camping, as long as there is a clean loo and hot shower nearby. So Henk has ridden all these little roads and passes on his bike excursions. So this is like our perfect hobby together. We get to do the whole exploring thing, and I get to play with gadgets too.

Henk finds it! Pic cropped to not spoil the location 😉

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