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First, read this article: The Daily Maverick :: Julius Malema vs the many-headed Twitter Hydra.

Last week the ANCYL said it would lay a complaint of fraud against Twitter users purporting to be Malema, and warned that if site administrators did not act swiftly to muzzle them it would move to have Twitter shut down.

as Quoted.

I still laugh every time I read that. Then I  just shake my head. His public outbursts are cringe worthy to say the least. He borders (and crosses) on hate speech. He is an embarrassment not only to ANCYL, but to the whole country. And his superiors do NOTHING to reprimand his actions. He is not a dog, so ignoring bad behaviour isn’t going to make it go away. Taking away his toys will. Yes, we poke fun and laugh at his antics, but beware the next public election. Else it’s JZ all over again.

The league’s derision did nothing to deter the impersonators, and now Twitter users have decided to pay tribute to Malema in their own way: by changing their profile pictures to images of the firebrand leader.


So, change your twitter profile pic to one of Juju and support #JuJuFriday!

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OK. So I didn’t count every single tweet. But on average I think I managed it.

Reason I had this on my list was to break away from the *yawn* triage of FB. I honestly believe that twitter is what FB set out to be (but got lost and tangled in all the games, likes, groups etc). I love twitter. I love how TT works. I love how some words have been banned so that it doesn’t become a TT… and how fans work around it. Jonas vs. J♥nas.

Also, I’ve been neglecting my 101 list… again. I have a theory for this too. See, the fist umpteen goals I achieved real quick were, of course, easy AND stuff that I actually had planned on doing anyway – some time or another. So I am taking another look at my list. I will add and subtract as I feel some of my focus has shifted. An example: I’m not playing PC games nearly as much as I used to. And I’m OK with that. I have so many other hobbies now that I love – sort of like I found my niche. Or another niche.. you know… for the other hand to hold onto. So sometime in the near future I will be changing my list a bit – I’ll add that to the list, ‘changing it’.

Anyhow. Yay! Another goal achieved. And I’m following some crazy funny people – you should try it.

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In my quest to increase traffic to my site and meet new tweeps (people on twitter), I’m joining in the fun with Supah.

Here are the ruls from her site:

To play along and increase your twitter twaffic do the following:

1. .  MAKE A BLOG POST and within it post your twitter link/ icon.    Copy and Paste these  #yotweeps directions / button INTO IT.  Link up your post to the linker below.

2.     Follow the first  FOUR  Twitter Twaffic hosts listed on  the linky.! Follow them on twitter.  Yell out to them #yotweeps ” I’m following”     They’ll reciprocate your love on twitter when they can.

3.  Browse the other #yotweeps linkers!  Follow whomever you wish and yell out to them  #yotweeps  ” I’m following!”  and they’ll reciprocate when they can.


Follow me on Twitter!

{PC is fubar – again… so until I have my good ol’ Photoshop back, this borrowed-neat-unedited twitter-graphic will have to suffice}

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Right. So I’m trying out a different theme. The other one was giving me a headache and too cluttered. Now I only have 1 column to clutter 😀
Also updated My 101 List page. Added some links, fixed a serious typo, elaborated on a few items… You’ll see.
also linked this blog to my twitter account cause I would love some more traffic.
And am impatient for my postcards to reach their destinations – gimme more!

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