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No man, seriously, we need more caches in our area. I’m going to stock up on some containers this week and try and place at least 2 or 3 this weekend – I will really try.

It was a typically hot and sticky day here at home, but I wanted to load off my Travel bugs I picked up in Gauteng. So after an afternoon swim, we set off for  Van Rhynspass (Northern Cape). We wanted to go check up on our property as well to see if our tree is still ok.

Elf King's TNLN Scion

GCJQK3 took us past Maskamberg where I snapped a quickie of the travel bug, Elf King’s TNLN Scion, I wanted to leave at the cache.

On route I only noticed the fuel gauge. It started blinking on the way up the pass. 930km is pretty good on one tank of diesel I think.

Silly me didn’t read the instructions AT ALL, so when I told Henk to stop it was on a dangerously blind-bend-hill. And GCDroid it was another 30m inland, but it looked like a pretty ugly climb. So we reckon maybe there’s a route from the ther side.

First we went to fill up the car in Nieuwoudtville. There are 2 more caches nearabouts as well, but I was on call for the hospital, so we couldn’t vernture too far… or out of cell phone coverage.

The View

I read up on the cahce on trusty htc, and ja, there is a safer parking spot – at a look out. The view from up there is breathtaking!

After a scramble and trying to guess which lichen covered rock the cacher meant, yet again, Henk found it.

I placed Travel bug TB1RN07 and a blue racing car in the cache.

Somewhere here, there is a cache

It's a long way down

It was so windy up there, at least Amelia could cling to my hair, lol.

Found this cross

We saw this cross almost hidden and demurely sitting by the side of the look out. I wander what the story is and who ‘Oukie’ Gert C Nel was?



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