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Another not really planned goal achieved 8)

Henk mentioned a few Saturdays ago that he wanted to go to the beach and braai. Told him that we should actually get a gazebo and some camp chair {since we chucked out our old stuff cause they were either fubar, or very very old and patched too many times}.

You've seen this pic before 🙂

Off to Kaap Agri – cause we don’t have Cape Union Mart or Game even remotely close to us. Their prices were still laughable though {laughable bad}. We attempted Shoprite. On a Saturday. At 10:30. On a Saturday. On the last day of the month. On a Saturday. Found gazebo for a bargain R150, chairs about R70 each, so we had a little extra for a table for about R120. That’s still less than Agri wanted for their cheapest gazebo.

{* note to self: Ask Henk what this place’s name is}

This is Gert du Toit se baai.

It was hot and sticky at the sea. Our West Coast have FREEZING cold water due to the cold Benguela current flowing North’ish towards Namibia. The Chinese instructions didn’t deter us from matching yellow dots and blue dots and soon we had some shade.


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LaPicTakSunScroll through your camera phone or digital camera, find the last pic you took – doesn’t matter what it was or how blurry or how random – Post it on your blog, and leave a link to it in this post’s comment section. I’ll stop by and check out your Last Pic Taken!

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Here’s mine for this week.

Gorgeous day yesterday. Henk wasn’t working. We packed lunch and headed to the sea. Dirt roads meant we had to take the bakkie; my nerves we’re shot what with Amelia sitting on my lap and not in her car seat – bakkie only has 2 front seats. But she slept a bit along the way. She loved the water, even though it was freezing! No sand on this beach, just hundreds of thousands of millions of broken shells.

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