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…and they haven’t phoned me yet to say what’s wrong!

Well I can tell you what’s wrong, but I can’t tell you what’s WRONG wrong. Kwim.

It’s acting all super sensitive. When I plug in a flashdrive it freezes. When I accidently nudge it with my foot it freezes. I ask it to make me a cup of coffee it freezes.

But that’s not all. I can’t log into gmail. At all. I can’t log into wordpress, not postcrossing, not mommy, nothing. Anywhere I have to type in a username and password it tells me the site doesn’t exists. So I’m thinking it’s the flu. Has to be. It’s all clogged up, just lays there and flips me off… ok I flip IT off.

And the last straw: it refuses to recognise Lili’s Easy Comfy Keyboard.

SO this morning I dropped the tower, keyboard, driver and some tinkies off – hopefully it won’t cost me an arm or a leg.


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