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Wind farm cache GCBB26

3 in a row

But who found it?

Easy Peasy find on our way to Cape Town last weekend. But I realised once again why I should stick to navigating instead of driving. Henk read the clue as gate post in stead of fence post. And I almost drove by 2 turnoffs cause the navigator was running on Africa time. But we still found it. Well, Henk hang back and I got to find it!

It was a bit breezy while we were there, and sadly as we’ve noticed on all our trips past this wind farm, the turbines were yet again stationary. Have they ever turned though? I know this is technically a prototype for SA, but what a waste if it’s no put to use.

Wiki has some great examples of innovative placing of these massive turbines.

There were rumours of another wind farm by Lutzville/Koekenaap – it’s ALWAYS windy there, there’s enough open space. Perfect. But that’s where it has stayed… rumours. Let’s hope Eskom smells the smog and get creative with alternative energy sources.

The title of this post? We had every good intention of finding at least 3 (maybe 4) caches on this trip, but we had 2 tires blow out on the way back, while making a U-turn on the way to THIS cache;  THIS and THIS one we got rained out.

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