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I didn’t know WHAT to get Henk this year for Father’s Day. I’m trying to be a bit more frugal since we’re building a house soon and will be working on a skinny tight budget. I had an old picture frame and the internet. Somehow I’ll be able to make him something, right?

I got the idea from Opi’s Ramblings. Every Wednesday {just about} is Wordle Wednesday, then she posts a wordle of her week’s blog posts.   What’s so great about wordle.net is that you can even put in raw text, and it will generate a wordle for you. You choose the font, orientation of the words, the colour scheme (there are preset ones or you can customise it), etc. Here’s one with my posts for this week in my site’s colours:

Similar to a tag cloud (see my sidebar) the more a word appears in the text, the bigger it will be in the final wordle.

So I made one for Henk in Afrikaans using adjectives and nouns that I asociate with him. A few key ones were repeated so that they showed up bigger and I generated about 20 of them to get it just right. Quick printscreen and photoshop sizing and I had it printed to fit into the photo frame.

Easy Peasy and cheap too. {Everything that my hubby isn’t 😉 }

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