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I could have worked on some posts last night. Including a crafty one or two, and a Postcrossing one, and working on my next #pint, and fixing my list books That I’m currently reading.
I had downloaded all the relevant pics from 2 phones already and was busy sorting them.
Lili was happily playing in the kitchen with her fridge magnets.
It would have been a productive evening. I managed to get Lili in bed by 20:00 and she didn’t put up much of a fight this time.
Then I got a call out. At 20:09. And Henk was still at work and I couldn’t get hold of him to come home for an hour. So I phoned my friend and colleague to help out. She was already in her PJ’s. She should have said no, but she didn’t. How cool is that. Pulled on her tracksuit, brought a book along and chilled at my house while I processed a CSF.

So I’m going to make her a thank you present… need to get to the bead shop again 😀 And going to try again tonight to work on my posts.

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I get a phone call today at work; friendly lady on the other side. This is what I hear (In brackets is what was actually said – but I heard it wrong)

Friendly Lady: “Hi, I’m Friendly Lady phoning from the salaries department, Paarl (Payroll) ” {this is where the misunderstanding starts} “How are you today?”
Tracy: ” Fine. Sorry, do I know you? Have we met? ” {I worked at Paarl laboratory for about 2 weeks}

Friendly Lady: “No we haven’t met. We made an error with your salary this month. We paid you too much. 5000 hours overtime too much  ” {this is about twice my annual salary}
Tracy: “… ”

Friendly Lady: “Hello?? ”

Friendly Lady: “Can you help us fix this? ”
Tracy: “How did my overtime claim get to you guys?”

Friendly Lady: “We do everyone’s claims ”
Tracy: “In Paarl?! ”

Friendly Lady: “Yes, in Paarl (Payroll) ”
Tracy: “Funny, I didn’t know that. Now when did Paarl start doing salaries and admin and finance stuff ”

*  *  *

Ok, so it was one of those ‘had to be there’ moments. But the whole Paarl vs Payroll is hilarious as our HQ is in Johannesburg – 2000km away; I think Paarl Lab can probably fit in their lunchroom.

I still got to pay the money back – Wonder if I can apply for our home load using this pay slip? 🙂

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Resident Cat

This is TB (or Tazz, or kitsie), our new resident cat. Two days ago some kids brought him (we hope it’s male – three of us inspected and ventured an uneducated guess – I’ve only ever owned female cats) to my colleague’s flat and left him in the parking lot. One the way to work my colleague heard a funny noise coming from the engine. Turns out the cat had climbed up from under the car for a night snooze.

At work, short-arm-me delved around under the bonnet and untangled little TB from the depths or the Toyota Tazz. Always resourceful (I swear we can serve 3 course meals for 3 days on our lab’s kitchen content) we fed him some runny Pronutro and weak watery milk. Poor thing was famished and wolfed it all down. Now we needed to find him a home. Phoned around a bit and the local DBV said (in so many words) that if they took him in, they would have him put out (read killed). I phoned around a bit more.

X-ray neighbour lady across the road said that she’s been thinking of getting another cat since hers had passed away. Only catch is that she can’t have it at work until 5pm, would we mind minding it. Just as I assured her that we’ll keep him until home-time, TB made a bee-line for the hospital courtyard (Our lab is on the same premises), and of course the yard is fenced off – by 5 metre high fences – 2 of them.

TB the kitten didn’t come back when he got hungry; we left him some food and water out at the same spot we originally fed him. This morning still no TB. X-ray lady’s husband was more upset about losing their new per than his wife – felt really bad that I let him slip through.

The new hospital doctor called around teatime asking if we wanted a cat. Ecstatic, my colleague relayed the story and asked her to bring the kitten over. Turns out one of the patients had the kitten and promptly handed it over to the doctor while she was doing rounds. Trying to find it a home, she had some adventures of her own including ice-cream bowl full of cat pellets strewn on the floor and 2 lacerated thumbs, one belonging to the office’s occupant – TB was very hungry. 2 tetanus shots later, and the cat was back at the lab, this time inside the lab. Pesky was trying to sneak in so much anyway.

At the moment he’s content playing with toes and chasing after timer strings. His new owner will fetch him this afternoon: Now to avoid anyone stepping on him, getting stuck behind the incubator or growing an extra tail.

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Came across this Facebook group, and I love it! Most of the entries are relatable. Added a few ones myself. Here are some of my favs in no particular order. Check out the fb page for the original contributors.

Tried to do a top 10, but just can’t cull these, lol.

You know you’ve been working in a lab too long when…

  1. When making tea/coffee, you shake the milk before pouring.
  2.  When topics of conversation involving bodily functions, fluids etc are no longer taboo over dinner.
  3. The door to the Micro lab reads: “Staph Only”
  4. You make patterns when removing tips from the pipette tip tray
  5. You grab your left boob when bending down (to stop your pens falling out), even when not wearing a lab coat.
  6. You can’t watch CSI without at least one scientific inaccuracy
  7. You use acronyms for everything and never stop to elaborate
  8. You also seem to use the microscope after the person with the impossible close together eyes
  9. You’ve wondered why you can’t drink the distilled water in the lab – it should be clean?
  10.  You give the lab equipment motivational pep talks
  11. You hug your instruments every morning so they’ll work all day
  12. When a non-scientist asks you what you do for a living you roll your eyes and talk science at them until they’ve lost the will to live (mainly for fun)
  13. You have to check the web to find out the weather outside
  14.  Safety equipment is optional unless it makes you look cool
  15. You decide the courses and conferences you want to go on by the quality of the food served.
  16. You’ve used dry ice to cool down beer
  17. No matter what the timings in the experiment protocol, there is always time for lunch in the middle
  18. You are slightly too fond of the smell of (Pick one or many) Xylene/Agar/Ethanol/Undergraduates/Alcoholic hand wash
  19. You rejoice when grabbing a handful of eppendorfs/bijous/tips/anything and it turns out to be the exact number you needed
  20. The fire alarm ceases to bug you. You only evacuate when you see the fire (Hand on the floor to check for heat is a good indicator)
  21. You open your toothpaste with one hand
  22. You wash your hands before and after using the washroom
  23. You use the word aliquot in regular sentences
  24. No one in your family has any idea what you do
  25. You consider a green laser pointer to be science bling
  26. You’ve suffered carpal tunnel from the pipette man
  27. A timer clipped to the hip is not only practical, but dead sexy
  28. You write date opened and initial your new jar of peanut butter
  29. You show off your collection of product pens from reps
  30. You hate changing your lab coat, cause it just won’t fit right and you will have to re-crease the sleeves you turn over – why do they make those sleeves so darn long?!

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So today is my last day of maternity leave, and I’m exhausted lol.

We moved into a new house yesterday. We decided not to use a logistics company, since Henk has access to a truck. Thank goodness the in-laws helped us. I wouldn’t have been able to help load the furniture. Mom-in-law looked after Amelia while i speedy-packed the last goods.

Today we loaded the boxes never unpacked from the previous move a year ago. Amazing how much junk you collect. Therefore my New Year’s resolution is to get rid of the excess baggage – in every sense of the word.

A bit nervous about tomorrow, but I’m sure it’s like that bicycle thing, but I’ll feel better with the training-wheels 😉 Already have a to-do list the length of my arm.

Amelia seems happy with the daymother. She enjoys the other kids and feedback is that she’s a happy Pikkewouter 🙂

Everything is in place for my first day back, lets just hope my labcoat still fits!

P.s SAHM = Stay At Home Mom

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