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I am going to try and start a new meme for Tracy’s Topics – I made it Monday! I have so many little thingies that I’ve made, so I reckon if I have a schedule to stick to for posting them, maybe I’ll actually get around to posting them. Right?  Right.

I even made a button for it!

Since I live in the southern hemisphere, we get to have Spring now. So I wanted to make something for Spring Day, (1 September). Waaaaay back I linked up to a themed link party for empty toilet paper rolls. That’s where I saw this cute project from Let’s go Fly a kite.

Some girls grow up dreaming about the Dress, and the Cake and the clothes-all-match-even-the-undies-twins. But I had a list of items/traditions/values that I wanted to one day have in my home.  One of these was a wreath on my front door. It might sound a simple item – but I wanted one so that I could decorate it for holidays and seasons and special occasions. I found a nice sturdy one a few years ago, but only decorated it a few times. I’m trying to get more in the habit now of making an effort. And having fun with it too!

I made these at work… during lunch… and tea break. (We weren’t THAT busy ok)

I used bright spring colours - and mixed some if I didn't have the perfect shade

Did I mention I have a mountain of empty tp rolls? Well, I do. But I still only made 3 flowers for my own wreath. I didn’t want to cover the whole thing, just make a focal point. And I made some extra for our gate at work as well.

Ready for Spring

The materials I used were recycled too! The tp roll is obvious, but the elastic I used to attach to the gate; collected from packages we receive. The centre isn’t tissue coloured paper like in the tutorial, it’s used hand towels. Now before you go thinking how disgusting that is, they were my own after I thoroughly washed my hands. And I wore gloves while painting and assembling it. And it’s just water that was on them – so it’s not ‘eew’ after all.

…And for my door…

Love Spring

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We’re back from our mini Holiday at my parents’ house. We took 2 days longer to get back. We broke the trip up into stops – didn’t want to be on the road so long with Amelia. Both to and fro we stayed a night (or two… or three) at Blackrock, where Henk’s sister, Riana, and her husband, Kobus, are.

It feels funny to say this, but I really missed my bed. My back was getting knotty and I was getting cranky (more so than usual), I missed home and wanted to leave the 30th already. We only left Kobus and Riana’s on the 1st.

The road wasn’t as busy as I feared it would be. A lot of people were probably waiting for the weekend before tripping back home. Glad we missed that rush. Still is a heck of a long way to travel though.

Here are a few piccies of our Christmas.

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