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This would probably only take a weekend to make, but it took me about 2 months. So long actually that I can’t find the first lot of pics I took when I had a brain fart to modge podge (or mod podge, depends where you live 😛 ) the entire thing.

I saw someone making a kitchen play set from an old side table – Very cool idea if you actually HAVE an unused side table. (some might call it minimalist, I call it frugal) I hunted the local second-hand shop; they had one for R500. That’s what a brand new, plastic, maybe not quite Fisher Price, kitchen set will cost me from Toys R Us. So I googled home made kitchen sets to get a feel for what they should look like. This one is by far my favourite.

Right, on with how I made one my toddler!

Christmas came early at the lab and the IT department showed up with some new PC’s to replace our abacuses (abaci? more than one abacus). The boxes they came in are super sturdy, so I claimed them. I used a narrow short box that was almost the exact length on of one the PC boxes; turned PC box on its side so the flaps can act like an oven door… kinda. I cut off the bottom flap and used it as a shelf inside the box. Handy Hubby had to help with this bit to reinforce the shelf so it will last more than a week. My plan for the second PC box was to turn it to a washing up area, again placing the box on its side so that the flaps become cupboard doors.

Then I had a brain fart about modge podge. I had a lot of leftover unprinted newspaper, so I thought the best way to cover the logos printed on the boxes is to cover them in said paper.. and podge them! I failed horribly at this and the box ended up with a lot of wrinkles and now I own the biggest pot of podge in town.

Spray paint is easiest

Lili chose the shade of yellow. Granted she chose it about 2 months ago, if she had to choose a colour now it would undoubtedly be pink. As per the instructions on the can, use in a well-ventilated area (like outside). We had a mishap the first time we spray painted the fridge. Also learned that with a little elbow grease and some good old sunlight soap you can remove anything from the kitchen floor, wall and door – including post office red spray paint.

Safer to do it outside

I’ve had that shirt since I was 14. And I’ve been using it as a painter’s jacket since I was 15.

Cut a hole for the bowl/basin

Handy Hubby cut the hole for me. I got a metal bowl from Crazy Store for cheap-cheap. Also got some dish cloths, sponge and a plastic basket from Pep, some wooden spoons and a play pot set.

Modge Podge the doors

I podged wrapping paper on the doors. It didn’t quite fit, tried my best to make a seamless fix.

Is there a term for this picking/tearing at paper?

I set the play kitchen up and did something else for a bit. Enough time for Lili so start picking at a few rough paper edges and tearing lots more off. *sigh*. She picks at EVERYTHING. Page corners of cardboard books, decorative stickers on toys, peeling paint, noses (yes plural – mine isn’t safe either). Nothing is safe.

The many uses for empty toilet paper rolls

I realised that the kitchen needed some lift. I cut a few toilet paper rolls in half (I have half a gazillion of them) and glued 6 each to the underside of the boxes with a glue gun. I also fixed the torn paper from the cupboard doors, this time I couldn’t match the pattern as well as I had run out of paper. Last step was to paint a black circle with poster paints so it will look like a stove plate.

Easy, cheap kitchen

Lili loves playing with it. I got her some play food that is halved and joined with velcro so she can cut it with a play knife. So come cooking time she helps out in the kitchen at her own station. Although before the play food she got creative with the cat food.

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Are you still there, or has the soccer fever gotten to you? It’s highly contagious. Doesn’t matter how many black flags with white skulls on mirror socks you put on your car, overnight they will transmogrify into SA flag and Portugal. Humans are affected as well as inanimate objects. You have been warned. Symptoms include rushing to nearest Pep, crazy store or street vendor to buy made-in-China knockoffs for cheap-cheap lest you are caught on Friday during match time without a vuvuzela. (I had to add vuvuzela to my MSWord dictionary so that it won’t have that irritating little red squiggle.)
Even the platteland isn’t safe. We now have 3 cars sporting SA flag mirror socks, and about a gazillion ones with little flags clamped in their windows. All you hear at rush hour is flap-flap-flap-flap-flap as these flags catch the fever wave. The kids are carrying mini vuvuzelas around and blare it at all non-yellow-wearing pedestrians.

Wondering when matches are taking place? This is THE coolest calendar

First game on Friday on at 16:00, I only get off at 16:30, but will check it out anyway. But will definitely tune into the 20:30 match. Huzzah! For SABC getting the rights, cause I don’t have all the sporting channels anyway. Sucks big soccer balls if don’t have dstv so you can watch something OTHER than soccer – not that you would want to , cause the fever resist all urges to catch up on current events, soaps or home decor programs.

This fever affects your taste buds as well. You body will start craving pap and sous, braaivleis and beer by the quart. Boerewors Rolls and mielies (on the cob) will also sneak into your diet.

If, like me, you still don’t know how to diski dance, follow that link for an illustrated version. I tried to but my work bot is blocking the content. 😉 There are loads of video links  out there, but I managed to find these written steps, but think I’d be better off watching a clip.

You have been warned. The Soccer Fever is spreading. It Is Here!

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